About Us

Hello, I'm Nelson Dumancela! I arrived to the USA in 1999 from my hometown in San Francisco de Peleusi de Azogues, Ecuador which is located in the southern region of the country. I began my journey into the world of tailoring at the age of 13. It was a family tradition that we all had to learn a trade and then we discovered that my hidden talent was tailoring clothing. As a teenager, it was a little tough going to school and learning a trade at the same time with master tailors who were very strict but very professional old–school tailors who made garments from scratch.

Every day I went to their shop eager to learn new things at such a young age. I started putting garments together such as slacks, shirts and vests. The hand stitching "symmetrically sewn" caught my eye and piqued my interest. I remember when I was learning how to make real working buttonholes, my first master tailor Cesar E. Mora told me "You will not be called a tailor if your buttonholes are not as finely made as mine." So this was a challenge I met with all my effort and after 78 buttonholes I was able to get a "Well done" from master Cesar!!!

Experiences and challenges like this were creating a burning desire within me to be the best tailor I could be. I felt pride that I was making a custom piece of clothing for the authorities and prominent people in my hometown. When I turned 15, I felt driven to keep climbing in my trade and refining my workmanship. There was a tailor who advertised in magazines, on the radio stations promoting his art and service. I felt compelled to work in his very prestigious tailor shop south of my country. He had a very good reputation and was quite established. I walked by his shop many times. It was a high–end shop and quite upscale called "El Dian" (el diseno anatomico–the anatomical design). You can imagine the reaction when I told the master tailor that I was a slacks, shirts, and vest maker. He did not hire me right away so I had to wait for their call apprehensively, but I had hope and the day for me to start working there finally arrived. My family was very happy for me and to this day I thank the master tailor and remember this phrase... "We are going to make you a real tailor" that phrase is in my every day performance since then I have given my best every day and on every garment. The tailor shop was big, with twenty-two people working in a great environment with talented tailors. It was the place where I started putting my ideas together and I was able to make a whole suit by age 17. I was so fortunate to work there learning from my master tailor who had such patience and the ability to teach me the "Touch of a tailor" and the love of the trade. I feel extremely grateful to Francisco Xavier Contreras, the master tailor and owner of El Dian who took me to the highest level of quality workmanship.

Coming to the United States was yet another challenge for me. I knew it would be a whole new world but I took the chance and arrived in New York in 1999. I hit the pavement running with a busy lifestyle, making samples on Grove Street in NY all with speaking very little English. After six months I moved to Red Bank, NJ and the Jersey shore. I had the opportunity to work for the finest men's store in town while learning the language. The effort and sacrifice paid off and I am proud to say that during this time in the US I worked in the finest tailor shops in Monmouth County refining my skills even more and establishing my reputation as a "master tailor".

Now I am proud to introduce you to my new shop "Couture Clothiers" in Holmdel, NJ where I find inspiration for what I love to do the most, which is making you look your very best!! I offer full service tailoring from sewing a button to designing your next outfit. I have a large selection of the finest fabrics in the world... wool, cashmere, silk, flannel... to give you the garment and the look you need and want for men and women.

This is the tailor I became and it will be my pleasure to be part of your next look!!!

Very sincerely yours,

Nelson Dumancela — Master Tailor