We prepare custom made suits for men, women, shirts, slacks, overcoats, tuxedos, vests, ties,and bowties custom tailored clothing, identified with superior fabrics, meticulous hand tailoring, and quality. We are a full service custom tailor and provide a complete wardrobe planning service according to your career, business and social needs for both men and women. We consider the design of clothing as an art and don't compromise on any details, hence the quality of every garment reflects a passionate attention to detail.

We have a variety of fabrics, colors, and patterns to choose from to match your lifestyle.

We specialize in men's and women's fashion, whatever the requirements you may have, we accommodate each client with our highly personalized service.

MEN: Every suit of ours is hand cut to your exact measurements and style preference. Jackets are properly lined inside with the best silk available and all seams are reinforced for maximum durability. Upon completion our tailors ensure perfection in every detail and will be double checking for ultimate quality control. We are the specialists in English, and Spanish.

WOMEN: You choose any dress for any occasion whether it be formal, casual, prom or professional. We make sure that you are dressed the way you prefer. You will be wearing a suit that not only fits you but strongly speaks out your uniqueness. The best part is that you have the upper hand of choosing the fabrics and style of your preference.